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Le Moyne College is responsible for promoting and protecting the College's reputation and image by ensuring the proper usage of its name and trademarks.

In partnership with Strategic Licensing Affiliates (SMA), Le Moyne’s licensing program gives the College control over its logos and marks, which ensures the quality and consistency of all trademarked material and helps generate revenue that in turn funds scholarship programs.

This page is designed to assist those who wish to learn more about the Licensing Department and to explain the licensing process.

Licensing Guidelines

Logo Sheet
The logo sheet provides a list of all Le Moyne trademarks. It consists of a set of standards for the design and writing of documents that include Le Moyne trademarks.
Licensing Policy for Student Organizations
Registered Le Moyne student organizations are required to seek approval for the use of Le Moyne trademarks first through the Office of Student Affairs, then through the Licensing Department.

Licensing Policy for Internal Use
Internal campus organizations may apply for permission to use Le Moyne trademarks by filling out our Internal Use Online Form.

Becoming Licensed

Le Moyne College and SMA has created guidelines for anyone wishing to feature the College’s  insignia on apparel or merchandise.

To inquire about the process for becoming licensed to produce Le Moyne merchandise, please visit SMA. A copy of the licensing application can be downloaded and printed from the SMA’s website. Restricted, local and standard licenses are available and are explained in further detail on the site.
Look for the Label

Officially licensed collegiate products are products that are produced according to the proper Le Moyne licensing procedures. When shopping for Le Moyne merchandise, look for the "Officially Licensed Collegiate Products" label and hologram, which ensures the items you are purchasing have been approved. A portion of your purchase of officially licensed products also supports Le Moyne’s academic and athletics programs.

Unlicensed or infringing merchandise can also be easily identified in other ways: 

  • The item is of poor quality.
  • The images and trademarks used in the product's design are distorted.
  • Trademarks are represented in a distasteful manner.
  • Products sold outside of traditional stores or on questionable websites must be viewed with caution.

If you suspect that a product is unlicensed, please fill out the Unlicensed Product Reporting Form, and your information will be forwarded to SMA. Please note that you can remain anonymous.