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All officially enrolled Le Moyne College students are eligible to participate.


All currently employed faculty and staff members of Le Moyne College are eligible to participate.


Varsity Athletes

A varsity athlete is defined either as a currently listed member of a college varsity team or as a former member of a college varsity team who actually played in a varsity contest.

Members of Le Moyne College varsity teams are ineligible to participate in a related intramural sport for the academic year the varsity athlete had participated.


Eligibility Consequences

Team captains are responsible for each team member’s eligibility. A team discovered using ineligible player(s) will result in a team having to forfeit a game(s) during the regular season and will result in the team being disqualified from the tournament during playoffs.


ID Policy

All participants must present their Le Moyne College ID to the supervisor before each intramural contest.

  • If a participant forgets their ID, they may play in one (1) contest without it during

  the regular season. They must sign the One-Time Pass List prior to playing.

  • If a participant forgets his/her ID and they have already signed the Pass List, then

  they may NOT play until proper ID is shown.

  • All IDs are required for playoffs.   Any student that presents false identification to, or falsifies any information requested by the Intramural Staff or the Recreation  Office, will immediately be suspended from all intramural activity.

Announcements for Intramural Sign-Ups Announcements for each intramural sign-up meeting will be posted on the Le Moyne College website, in the glass case in the racquetball court hallway, and in the The Dolphin Newspaper


How to Sign-up for an Intramural Sport:


1. Log –in to your IMLeagues.com account

2. Click the Create/Join Team button at the top of your User Homepage, or

    Click on the “Le Moyne College” link to go to your school’s homepage on IMLeagues

3. The current sports will be displayed, click on the sport you want to join

4. Choose the league you want to play in (Men’s, Women’s, Co-Rec, etc)

5. Choose the division you’d like to play in (Mon 5pm, Tues 5pm, etc)

6. You can join the sport one of three ways:


1. Create a Team (for Team Captains)

Captains can invite members to join their team by clicking the “Invite Members” link on the team page.  Any invited members must accept the invitation to be joined to your team.

a. If they’ve already registered on IMLeagues:

    search for their name, and invite them

b. If they haven’t yet registered on IMLeagues:

    scroll down to the “Invite by Email Address” box, and  input their email address

2. Join a Team

a. Use the Create/Join Team button at top right of every page

b. Accepting a request from the captain to join his team

c.  Finding the team and captain name on  division/league page and requesting to join

d. Going to the captain’s player card page, viewing his team, and requesting to join

3. Join as a Free Agent

You can list yourself as a free agent in as many divisions within a league as you’d like.  You will be visible to all members of the site and can request to join teams, or post information about yourself so teams can request to add you to their team.


Responsibilities of a Team Captain

Each team entered in any intramural activity must have a designated Team Captain who will act as the official liaison between the team and the Recreation Office. The Team Captain should be interested in sports and the welfare of their organization/team.

Some basic Team Captain responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  • Entering the team into the event
  • Notifying the team the time and place of scheduled activity
  • Becoming familiar with the rules and regulations governing each sport
  • Becoming familiar with the Le Moyne College Intramural Policies and Procedures
  • Checking eligibility of each player before and during the season
  • Organizing the team to play according to the rules of the game and to conduct themselves according to proper sportsmanship. This responsibility also extends to helping the team’s fans understand game rules and proper sportsmanship.
  • Organizing the team roster for play

Intramural Roster:

Each team is required to submit a roster with the names and information of the participants that are active on the team.

ALL intramural participants must create an account with IMLeagues.com and be added to the team via this site in order to be eligible for participation. Lack of knowledge is not a viable excuse.


Team Names

If a team captain does not indicate a team name when returning an entry form, the Recreation Office will assign a name.

When choosing a team name, please:

 1. Ensure that the selected name is in good taste, and

 2. Ensure that the name is not offensive to individuals or groups.

Non-recognized groups may not use their organization name as their intramural team name.    
The Recreation Office reserves the right to refuse and/or change team names deemed offensive, vulgar, or inappropriate.


Team Roster Management


All entries MUST be completed on the assigned "INTRAMURAL ROSTER" for the designated activity, and must include names, student ID numbers, gender and classification (year in school or faculty/staff designation) for ALL participants. Rosters submitted without all of the information may be rejected until such information is obtained from the team captain.

Participants May Play On Only One Team

No eligible participant may play on more than one single-sex team or more than one co-rec team in the same sport.  (i.e. a student may not play on a men’s semi-pro team and men’s pro team during the same sport or activity.)

Eligible participants may, however, play on one single sex team and one co-rec team during the same event or activity.

Adding Players to a Team

For IM events featuring league play (flag football, basketball), teams may add players up to the point that:

1. The roster maximum limit for the particular activity has been reached by players who have

    check-in to a contest, or

2. The season has ended and the playoffs are to begin.


 “Team Ownership” Rule

A person may not change teams after checking-in and/or playing in one game with a team.

Note: The first team a participant plays for is considered his/her legal team.
  • New participants may be added to the roster per the rules of that particular sport as long as they have not previously played on another team.
  • Participants who check-in to forfeited league contests are officially on the team’s roster for which they checked-in.
  • Participants that are found to have played illegally on more than one team will be subject to immediate suspension and their team(s) may forfeit all games the participant has played in during the activity season.

 Participant Attire

  • Everyone must wear a shirt while participating inintramural activities. Teams are encouraged to come to contests in the same color shirt.
  • All items and clothing brought to an intramural event or activity is at risk of damage or theft.  The Recreation Office assumes no responsibility for damaged or stolen items or clothing.  The Recreation Office will not assist in the payment of items or clothing if they are damaged on-site prior to, during, or after an intramural event or activity. 

Note: Attire that contains obscene, vulgar, derogatory, or inappropriate language or depictions is PROHIBITED. Attire deemed as such by the Recreation Office must be removed. It is the participant’s responsibility to be properly attired. Failure to do so may be subject to consequences under the IM Code of Conduct.